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Name: Zara
Contact: [plurk.com profile] werepuppy
Are you 18 or over? Yes
Other characters played: The Artful Dodger | [personal profile] knowntohisfriends

Character information
Name: Wednesday Addams
Age: 21
Date of Birth: 22nd December 1995
Canon: Addams Family
Species: Witch
Role: In the human world, Wednesday is the main heiress of the incredibly stupidly wealthy – if extremely eccentric – Addams Family. She's in London to allow the family to be seen, as well as deal with their properties in the area. This family wealth affords her many luxuries that are closed to most people, even if she lives an almost thrifty lifestyle personally. Her splurges are more tended towards other people than herself. She's a student at the University of London, though it's never exactly clear as to what it is she's studying. She works part-time at a small bookshop in the Bloomsbury area, that specializes in older, more obscure texts and has a surprisingly informative occult section.

In the supernatural world? Well, again, she's an Addams. A family known to be made up of all kinds of supernatural beings, and that follow old beliefs, as well has having strange rituals known only to themselves. She's next to nothing in the rankings of the London witching community, however, only having relatively recently moved to the city. What her interests are regarding the politics of the supernatural community, that she is not making known. She has joined the Circle Daybreak, being that it is the only Witch faction left.

Rank: Level 1

Background: Wednesday Friday Addams is the eldest child and only daughter of Gomez and Morticia Addams. She has two brothers, the elder being Pugsley and the younger being Pubert. Also in her family are Grandmama – her mother's mother – and Lurch, who is the family butler. The Addams are described as being an 'old money' family, and it is of note that their lineage is apparently traceable back to the time of the burning of the great library at Alexandria – one of their ancestors held the torch that lit the flame. Said torch resides in the attic of the current Addams Manor.

As a young child, nothing particularly unusual happened to Wednesday. She spent her time playing with bats in the swamps, chopping off her dolls' heads, and other such wholesome past-times shared by many other little girls. The first real upset of Wednesday's life came when she was made to enter the public schooling system. Here, she learned that most children cheered when the Knight in Shining Armor slayed the Dragon and while she shed her tears for the poor, innocent dragon that day, the start of the larger lesson learned never left: her family were not quite what people considered to be normal. Other families considered puppies pets, not an octopus. Other families drove station wagons, not a hearse. It was a lesson that was not wanted, but learned. No one said that they had to fall in line, after all. Her parents did not discourage her tears, letting her mourn the dragon in her own time, one of many moments they showed their daughter the importance of compassion.

When Wednesday was around 10, she met another member of her family, her father's brother, her uncle Fester. The man had been missing for 25 years, having left the family manor after an argument with her father. While Gomez was perfectly miserable with the family he had, Wednesday was aware that he sought his brother for forgiveness. This was another lesson that would stick with her throughout her life: family is family, and an Addams never deserts their family. At the seance conducted to contact the spirit of Fester – for he was believed dead – success was found. A man appeared, and claimed to be who they were contacting. He was closely followed by a psychologist who told them of how Fester had been dragged from sea in a tuna net, and went through many medical examinations until they were able to clarify that yes, this man was Fester Addams. While this should have been a joyous occasion, Wednesday felt suspicious. The stories being told felt too well put together, and it made her cautious. That her mother also seemed to share her suspicions only bolstered her. Wednesday attempted to remain disconnected and cold towards the man, but he managed to appeal to both herself and Pugsley by teaching them proper forms of slaughter, efficient explosives, and sharing images of horrible bodily harm. It was a very Addams way to bond.

Unfortunately, Wednesday was to discover that the man was not her now beloved Uncle Fester, but - apparently - an impostor. The shock of this reveal had her flee from her home, and caused the rest of the family to go searching for her. Gomez found her, and on bringing her home, she was saddened to see that the alleged impostor had what he wanted: the Manor, and the access to the Addams fortune. The family was forced to relocate to a low rent motel. While charming in its appearance, the motel was not home. Wednesday was not privy to the details of exactly what happened, but she knows that their return home was thanks to her mother, her father, and one of the books in the library.

The man did not just look like Fester – allowing him to play the role – the man was Fester, and his memory loss had been used against him to further the purposes of a greedy woman who needed someone with strength and criminal thinking on her side. However, with his memories restored to him, the whole family was returned to the Manor and peace – such as it was – resumed.

The next life shaping event occurred when Wednesday was 12, shortly after the birth of her youngest brother Pubert. She and Pugsley were sent to a summer camp, a fate worse than death. The Addams Children were forced into playing along by overly excitable camp owners, who wanted all of the children to fall into the same groups, something that Wednesday did not. They were very forceful, showing favoritism to the WASP children over those from minorities and seemed to single out Wednesday and Pugsley as examples when things were not going how they pleased.

And so it was that she arranged a rebellion to take place during the pageant shown to parents at the end of the camp. During the play portion of said pageant – a historical white-wash of the first Thanksgiving – Wednesday's plan was enacted. The other outcasts of the camp fought back against the way they had been treated, and many areas were set alight. One of these outcasts was Joel, a boy whom Wednesday had grown close to and had shared her first kiss with. This young love did not last, primarily as Joel was willing to worship the ground Wednesday walked on. If there was one thing Wednesday knew she did not want in a potential partner, it was willing slavery. The family required – of any partner – that they be passionate and true. That is what Wednesday knew she wanted.

High School, while quieter, was not without incident. One particularly memorable case involved Wednesday doping her Health teacher's coffee so the woman would fall asleep, and then locking her in the closet. This allowed Wednesday to take over the class, providing a more informative lesson when compared to the required plan by the district. The principal was not pleased, though the Health teacher was overheard to say that she wished Wednesday could have found another method to provide plausible deniability.

Now at university level, Wednesday moved to London to continue her studies as well as to experience more of the world. London had a bloody history that built the city, and it was something that she was looking forward to experiencing.

Personality: Wednesday has a fascination with everything morbid and macabre, accompanied by a passion for the dark. Her family is of the utmost of importance to her, which includes continuing to follow their beliefs, rituals, and traditions. First and foremost, she is an Addams, obligated to the clan, and that is the most defining feature in her life.

Her own personality may be read as dark, with leanings towards sadistic tendencies. Most Addamses seem to have a very high pain tolerance, and near nigh invulnerability. What most people would consider sadistic and cruel is often simply a fun game to them, and a way of family bonding. She is a taciturn person, keeping emotions to herself to the extent that most falsely believe her to be emotionless.

To her family and those who know her, her emotions are easier to see and read. When she believed that her Uncle Fester was an impostor, the discovery of this caused Wednesday to vocally acknowledge her pain. Her voice cracked, and the tone was actually raised from it's customary monotone. She then fled the family home, instead of going to telling her parents, and cried herself to sleep in a family crypt. After it is confirmed that Uncle Fester is who he says, we see Wednesday happy. She joins in a family game of Wake the Dead. She begs Fester to be on her team, grabbing and tugging at his arm as she does. She's then seen running around the cemetery, hitting a shovel off of a gravestone and calling for the inhabitant to wake up.

There is also a great deal of kindness to Wednesday. She cried for the loss of a fictional dragon as a child, with her parents making it clear that expressing sadness is not weakness. She also willing gave away her favorite doll to her mother's favorite charity as she thought it was important that their fundraiser did well. She is openly affectionate to Lurch, often being the first and only member of the family who can change his mood. She taught him to dance, as she considered him her friend, and was enthusiastic about doing so. Dancing is an activity Wednesday enjoys, though she rarely gets a chance. More recently, she shot down birds outside of the apartment of a man who she had spent the night with. He had expressed annoyance at how said birds always woke him up with their loud chirping in the morning. To show that she liked him, Wednesday thought getting rid of the birds was a nice gift.

She is politically left-leaning, stemming from supporting her father's attempts to get into politics as he felt his property taxes were not properly representative of what he was supposed to be paying when she was a child. These attempts did not amount to much, but it helped to influence Wednesday's views. She also believes – like her mother – that everyone is deserving of health care. These accidental teachings from her parents have helped Wednesday to grow and develop her own beliefs. Her taciturn nature is also visible in her attitude towards politics. She can understand the need of politicians to lie in their job. This does not mean she approves. If a politician was outright lying to her on a matter she cared about, there is no doubt that revenge would be swift.

As mentioned, Wednesday became aware while young that most do not consider her family to be normal. This can often leave her at odds when involved in social interactions with others. It is not that she does not care about how people view her family, it is more that she views the public as being narrow minded about it. This can lead to a slight tendency to 'play up' her 'weirdness'. She will over-exaggerate her own behavior, to comical effect. When the occasion calls for it, she can ham it up, and dramatically tell of her future sacrificial plans to honor her Dark Lord. To Wednesday, her family are very normal; it's just that their tastes are different, but that doesn't make them odd.

Speaking of her Dark Lord, Wednesday looks more to Loki as her patron than the preferred choice of Circe for female members of the family. Her own sense of mischief can often be found in wordplay. She will use people's exact wording to put them in a position that they would rather not be in, or to have them agree to something that they'd prefer not to. She sometimes will go further – one prank involved having Thing, the disembodied hand, to burst out of a fresh grave. This terrified the young potential suitor she was with. Had she tried this on another family member, she would have been pleased to see them laugh – the reaction that was preferable.

Powers & Possessions: Wednesday's knowledge of the craft, and other things, come entirely from her own family. Grand-mama was primarily in charge of the education and once Wednesday showed an inkling, tutored her in all the witch arts as they had been taught to girls in the family throughout the centuries. Books that have been hand written and edited throughout generations to provide the current generation of Addams witches with only the very best of their knowledge. This allows her to spell cast efficiently, dispelling appropriate energy for the size of a spell, no more and no less. Of course, this is with spells that she knows. For unknown spells, Wednesday may likely under-cast at first, and then push too much energy into the casting, leaving herself feeling in need of a recharge.

Her knowledge is old, though, archaic when compared to the majority of magic used by most modern witches. It would also be considered dark magic, even if the family do not see it that way themselves. After all, raising the dead is not something every witch even knows how to do, let alone does it on a frequent basis. This is something very normal for Wednesday and kin to do, raise your ancestors spirits so they can join the party. Living or dead, family is family, and an Addams never deliberately leaves family out of any celebration. There is also a small tradition of blood-magic within the family, but never in any dangerous way. Blood to bless, blood to bind, a drop of Addams blood adds strength to their brews.

Her personal strengths for magic lie in magic to cause mischief or chaos. She would not exactly call herself a follower of Loki, but she has read many of the God of Mischief's teachings and it would not be incorrect to say that she has found sense in them. Turning towards more altruistic spells – healing and things along those lines – can require more energy from her, and she would not take to casting those spells without precise knowledge of their work.

Potions, again, are old hand. Simple brews are as easy as breathing, though they are more poisons than they are healing brews. Not that she does not know healing brews, it's just that even then they would not be healing to most people in the world, they are tailored to the family and to the supernatural creatures they have often befriended. For a mortal to try one of those brews... it wouldn't be the first time there's been a death.

Additionally, Wednesday owns:
- 1 set of sacrificial knives, handed down grandmother to daughter in the family
- 1 Addams Grimoire, gifted to her by her mother on her decision to move to London
- 1 purebred spider by the name of Homer
- A set of files containing the property deeds to run down flats and buildings in London. Technically this is family property, but she is to maintain the properties to their standards.

Samples: [1] | [2] | [3] | [4] | [5] |

World building
Locations: Addams Manor: Located in America, the Addams Manor and surrounding land (roughly 2 acres) has been in the family since Queen Isabella of Spain deeded it to Alfonso 'the Enormous' for services rendered. The manor itself is a run down Victorian-esque building, though sadly not haunted. Except when the ancestors' spirits are raised, most often because it's a celebration and all family deserves to be invited to a celebration. The Manor has traditionally been considered a neutral ground for all supernatural beings, being that the family is very open, welcoming, and made up of many different supernaturals beings themselves.

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