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Wednesday Addams
Addams Family

OOC permissions
Backtagging: Totally fine!
Threadhopping: Just post in the subject line to give me a heads up
Offensive subjects: Trigger warnings, and ideally we should maybe discuss beforehand so we both know we're on the same page?

IC information
Species: Human/Witch
Role/Faction: Wednesday is pretty new to London, so she's not really got a role yet. She's in Circle Daybreak because witch but that doesn't really say much.
Strength: 1
Magic: 3
Friends/Allies: To be seen
Enemies: To be seen
Relationship status: Single
Notable physical characteristics: She always dresses in the same black dress with white collar, and always has her hair tied back in long braids. She's quite pale as well. And has a glare of death that might actually kill.
Notable magical characteristics: She has a tendency to make more poisons than anything... Just habit, really. She breeds spiders and cultivates their poisons so, yeah.
Offensive subjects: Hm, it's possible? She is into all the macabre and morbid type of thing. Mind you, she's also considerate and does her best to be polite at least.
Warnings: I will warn as necessary but at the current moment I can't think of anything that would requie it.

IC permissions
General physical violence: Fine, just heads up
Injuring this character: If you can :P
Torturing this character: Again if you can. No, seriously, just give me a heads up
Killing this character: ... I'd rather you didn't...
Mental/emotional torment: She'd probably enjoy it.
Physical intimacy: Fine!
Romance: Fine!
Using magic on this character: Fine!
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Fine! Just... you'll find a lot of dark thoughts, and then stuff like "must remember to get groceries." Because still a person.
Using mind control on this character: Hm... we can discuss it because I'd like a heads up on that type of thing.

Notes/Other: Wednesday's very taciturn, but I'll do my best to make it clear to you if she's in a good or bad mood or otherwise.
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